Rural broadband

Slow broadband? Get fibre speeds for under £30

4G Broadband for rural areas

We've joined up with Three to bring you a solution to slow broadband - especially in rural areas. Take a look at the highlights of this deal:

  • Up to 150 mbps speed
  • 100GB free bandwidth
  • Free 4G WiFi router - worth £100
  • For up to 32 people
  • Free delivery
  • No line rental
  • No-quibble refund, if not satisifed
  • Unlimited Netflix streaming
  • Unlimited TV Player streaming
  • Unlimited Apple Music streaming
  • Unlimited Deezer streaming
  • Unlimited SoundCloud streaming
  • Check your coverage: here
Up to 150 mb

Unlimited streaming, plus 100GB regular browsing? What's not to like? Use the adjacent form to get yours delivered within 48 hours, or scroll down to check out the features in more detail. Forget slow ADSL - this is the answer to your broadband speeds. Used and enjoyed by some of our own staff!

Home Fi: 4G router

This new 150 mbps 4G | 3G router is free, with free delivery, and can support up to 32 devices at the same time. Just plug into the power and away you go! You can cancel your BT phone line and recoup the money. This 4G subscription deal will cost just £29 per month, inc.VAT, and out-perform your old BT line!

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Unlimited streaming

Welcome to the world of fast internet streaming!

Unlimited video streaming

Video streaming

Netflix: your amazingly generous 100GB of fair-use data is protected! You can literally stream as many films and TV shows from your Netflix subscription as you want, and it will not eat into your 100GB data allowance. Oh, and with 4G there's no buffering or waiting for things to load. (Note: Netflix subscription fees not included)

TV Player

TV Player: sign up to watch the best free-to-air channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Dave. Or how about this: now that you don't need to pay BT phone-line rental, put some of the savings toward a TV Player subscription of over 100 premium channels! (Note: Premium TV Player channels require additional subscription fees)

    Unlimited music streaming

    Music streaming
    Apple Music

    Apple Music: your amazingly generous 100GB of fair-use data is protected! You can literally stream as many songs from your Apple Music subscription as you want, and it will not eat into your 100GB data allowance. On your smart speakers, headphones or devices - up to 32 people can all stream their own songs at the same time. 45 million songs to choose from... (Note: Premium content may require additional subscription fees)


    Deezer: sign up to get the best free unlimited music and have your experience enhanced with Flow - suggestions based upon your listening tastes. Feel free to upgrade to one of the Premium accounts for more sophisticated features. (Note: Premium TV Player channels require additional subscription fees)

    Sound Cloud

    Sound Cloud: not just unlimited music streaming...Artists and creators have been impressed with the ability to also upload their own content. Thanks to 4G being so fast, you can upload content at over 40 mbps - about 4x faster than your mates using BT Fibre! And with up to 150 mbps download speeds, up to 32 people can easily listen to whatever music they prefer, all at the same time. (Note: Premium content may require additional subscription fees)

      100GB of regular internet use

      Family using internet
      100 GB
      Best deal in the UK

      100 GB: that's an amazingly generous deal. Actually, it's the best value in the UK. If you've still got time left, after watching all of the streaming film and TV content, then fire up your unlimited music streaming whilst you munch into your 100GB monthly internet browsing allowance. (Comparison: OfCom's 2017 national report for the entire of the UK showed that ADSL users average under 100GB per month - for the ENTIRE famliy's usage - and that's for everything, including Netflix and music streaming.)

      100 GB internet
      Free Netflix & TV Player
      Free music streaming

      Fixed cost: you can give Three a quick call and they'll fix your limit at 100GB, so if you did go over the 100GB limit there would be no charge. If you regularly hit the 100GB limit, you can buy add-ons to see you through until the end of the month. Our advice is simply to limit the use of apps that consume large amounts of your 100GB limit, such as YouTube. If you really, really, really need to consume 100GB+ of YouTube, then get in touch with us and we'll explain about some of the additional plans that Three offer, for a slightly higher price, that could cater for your needs.

      What can I do for 100GB? shop on Amazon, be social on Facebook and Twitter, make video calls on Skype, watch YouTube, just browse the web , send some emails, sync some files, work from home, and so on... (The following OfCom 2017 consumer report: 1 hour web surfing = 25mb | 30 minutes YouTube = 175 MB)

      4,000 hours web browsing
      190 hours YouTube

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