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Voice Versatility

We cater for a broad spectrum of scenarios: from a single professional, through to 100+ staff spread across multiple locations. Our Cloud Voice service is 100% hosted in the cloud, and requires zero hardware to use. Our Cloud SIP service extends the cloud into the office via a dedicated onsite PBX, adding free International calling, and IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities - remote door entry, CCTV, and so on.  Both Cloud Voice and Cloud SIP share powerful features that modern businesses are benfitting from - take a look at some of the features they share, then compare the two services and see which one is right for you. You're free to upgrade with just 30 days notice.


Low or £0 cap-ex
1 month contract
Unlimited on-net calls
5000 minutes per user*
Inc. calls to mobiles
No line rental
No handsets needed
Mobile apps |
Also works on 3G | 4G
Voicemail to email
Multi-level IVR
Hunt groups
BYOD supported
Handsets available
Security built-in
Calls encrypted
Online controls
Import existing number
Can use 'normal' phones
Conference calls

*Minutes are pooled (per user | SIP trunk). Example: 10 users = 50,000 shared minutes. Includes UK 01 | 02 | 03 and 07 mobiles. Cloud SIP also includes calls to 20+ worldwide destinations
  IVR: multi-level Interact-Voice-Menu: "Press 1 for sale, 2 for accounts..."
  Hunt groups: call phones [series | parallel] until someone answers. Great for teams.VoIP desk phones

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Option 1: Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice - overview

Smart monthly pricing:

£0 setup fee
  • 1-4 £10.00 per
  • 5-9 £ 9.50 per
  • 10-24 £ 8.50 per
  • 25+ £ 8.00 per

  • £ 3.50 per
  • 3-way calling already included for free; "conferencing" extends to 8-way + video

What is VoIP?

Cloud Voice

Cloud voice call

Are we serious? No line rental - no hardware to install? A feature-rich phone system and a UK number, ready to use within 24 hours? For £8.00 per month - with 5000 minutes per user? How is that even possible?
Well, that's how easy this works when it's all in the cloud - Cloud Voice is a fully-hosted voice solution. Let's see if this could be the right phone solution for you...

This could be for you if...

UK region: You only need free calls to UK numbers and UK mobiles; you're happy to pay for any internatational calls that you choose to make.

Outbound calls: You mainly use the phone for external calls, rather than internally on premise.

Advanced: for now, you don't really need call recording | screening | queuing. You don't need instanct access to detailed call reporting. You just need an easy-to-use phone system.

Hardware: you want a quick and easy setup. You're happy to get up and running right away using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. You might also want desk phones, but you want a very simple and easy-to-use solution with minimal up-front costs.

5,000 mins.
25,000 mins.
50,000 mins.

Option 2: Cloud SIP

Cloud SIP

Cloud SIP - How to choose

Practical monthly pricing:

£50 setup fee
  • 1-4 £ 9.00 per
  • 5-9 £ 8.55 per
  • 10-24 £ 8.10 per
  • 25+ £ 7.65 per

Pricing: Cloud SIP is priced per simultaneous call. You can have many users making internal calls - no external trunk is in use. Any concurrent external telephone call in progress (people outside your organization), and each caller in a queue, requires a SIP trunk license

PBX: 6202
  • 30 500
  • £225, one-off
PBX: 6208
  • 100 800
  • £585, one-off


Cloud SIP

Cloud voice call

The main cost advantage of Cloud SIP is that you're billed by the number of trunks, not the number of users; 5 trunks allow 5 simultaneous calls, 10 allows 10 concurrent calls, and so on. This means the costs are lower - you can add as many users to the system as you like! There'll be some upfront labour costs, and occassional re-config fees, but overall the monthly costs will be lower. You may have fixed premises and would like the additional physical benefits of a cloud-based phone system. You may already have a LAN (local area network), and possibly even have existing phones. You may even have IT staff on your payroll, who would like to harness IoT (the Internet-of-Things) by linking cameras and door entry systems to the cloud phone system.

This could be for you if...

International: You need free calls to UK numbers and UK mobiles, but you also want free calls to 20+ international destinations including Europe and the USA

0043 Austria
0032 Belgium
00385 Croatia
00420 Czech Republic
0045 Denmark
00358 Finland
0033 France
0049 Germany
0030 Greece
0036 Hungary
00353 Ireland
0039 Italy
00352 Luxembourg
0031 Netherlands
0048 Poland
00351 Portugal
0034 Spain
0046 Sweden
0041 Switzerland
0044 UK
001 USA

Concurrent calls: You have a lot of staff who will use the phones, but a lower proportion of calls at any one time. For example, you may have 30 staff but never more than 10 calls at any one time.

Advanced: you may also want call recording | screening | queuing, and instanct access to detailed call reporting. You want more flexibility and control.

Hardware: like Cloud Voice you want a quick and easy setup. You're happy to get up and running right away using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. But you also want a wider choice of hardware - such as site intercom, video door entry and remote site CCTV. Cloud SIP requires a minimum of 1 x PBX.

Minutes are pooled for all trunks:
5,000 mins.
25,000 mins.
50,000 mins.

IoT opportunities:

HD Audio conferencing device
HD conferencing for meeting rooms
Security cameras
Door entry
Door entry

Case studies

Cloud Voice

Pasta Foods

Pasta Foods
James White of Pasta Foods
James White, IT

We had been looking to replace the system for a couple of years, but the sticking point was always the significant upfront costs that would be required to put a new system in...When I presented it to the board [Cloud Voice]... it was a no-brainer for them to accept it. The monthly cost was very competitive, and the service provided everything we needed, so we were sold on it...Thanks to Cloud Voice, Pasta Foods has made a smooth transition from an old and unreliable on-premise phone system to a modern, flexible service that can grow with the company over the coming more

Pasta Foods

Cloud SIP

Kingston University

Kingston University
Simon Harrison, CIO at Kingston University
Simon Harrison, CIO

The number of calls we get shoots up as soon as the A-level results come out. As with most universities, we take a number of students through Clearing, with most being offered places in the first couple of days – so if the phones aren’t working, we stand to lose potential students. We simply couldn’t run the risk of losing the possible income...They’ve transformed the way we work [Cloud SIP trunks]. People can move around our campuses and take their phone numbers with them. I can leave my office, go somewhere else, and log in on my extension number to take calls and pick up voicemail...In terms of implementation, it was just perfect. I was really more

Kingston University phones

Quick facts


What do we mean by a "cloud-based" phone system? What is VoIP? What are the benefits?

Calls take place in a secure data centre, without onsite hardware. VoIP is the technology that carries voice as data, rather than using old copper cables.

  • Low upfront costs
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Free updates
  • Scalable
  • Managed from anywhere

Why choose us?

What benefits are there from getting the broadband and the voice from us?

One-stop shop. Our broadband is deisgned to work with the voice system, and give priority to voice over data.

  • Expert support
  • Named account manager
  • Managed upgrade
  • After-sales support
  • Managed from anywhere


What speed internet conneciton do we need? What if we can't yet get fibre?

Our system will also work on non-fibre; ADSL | 4G. It depends upon the maximum number of concurrent calls.

  • Use your existing broadband
  • Compatible with ADSL | 4G
  • HD calls with fibre
  • Mobile app
  • Free expert advice

Call quality

What is the voice call quality like?

As good as traditional phones, and usually HD quality. We will check the quality of your broadband, and advise.

  • Voice prioritized over data
  • HD mobile app
  • HD deskphones
  • Can connect traditional phones
  • Free pre-sales checks


What if something goes wrong? What if my office is flooded, for example?

The cloud service is highly resilient, and you can work from alternate locations easily whenever needed.

  • Multiple datacentres
  • Auto-failover
  • Use any location
  • Disaster-proof
  • Call redirect

Mobile app

What is the mobile app? What are the features?

Our mobile app is easy to install and gives you all of the features of a deskphone, on your mobile.

  • iPhones and Android
  • Work from anywhere
  • Never miss a call
  • No hardware needed
  • Work away from office


Are our calls secure? What about data legislation?

Calls and data are encrypted, and the datacentres are audited with strict security criteria.

  • Encryption
  • UK datacentres
  • Bank-grade policies
  • GDPR compliant

Divert to mobile

A light-hearted look at our "divert" option

Never miss that important call! Simply divert to mobile, or have calls ring both desk and mobile.

Better yet, install our mobile app and seemlessly roam in and out of the office - reachable anywhere!

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